Ben Jones fitness

Introductory offer

Why not try out my services and see and feel the benefits with 4 one hour sessions at a total of £100

1 hour = £40
5 1 hour sessions = £170
10 1 hour sessions = £340
20 1 hour sessions = £680
10 half hour sessions = £180


Event packages

All packages = £335
All packages commence following a free consultation discussing goals, requirements and nutrition

All packages include:

8 one hour personal training sessions
Individually tailored nutrition plan
Home programme and advice
Phone and email support and guidance


Everyone wants to look and feel their best on their big day. Whether you are the bride or groom, this individually tailored package can help you. Following the free consultation and setup, all sessions are then spent building confidence, technique and knowledge to maximising performance, so that come the day all of the hard work will have you looking and feeling superb.

Sports or events

From running a marathon to entering a pre season in many sports, you can always be better prepared, mentally and physically. Following a structured programme designed to progressively test your mind and body you will see fitness, strength, mobility and flexibility gains. All this is done without the need for hours on the treadmill and heavy compound weight sessions.

Movement and training the movement related to your sport is heavily neglected when sports training. People rather train muscles which can place overload on weaker, unbalanced muscle groups when moving with power and speed. For instance, why try and lift 40kg dumbells above your head when you play football and the objective is to stand and run and kick a ball in different postions, placing varying strains through your legs and hips.
My package will retrain your body and your thought process on how to be at your best when your event or season commences. A free taster sports massage is also included in this pack.

Group training

For those of you that enjoy training in small groups with friends or colleagues, group personal training is the package for you. If you get 2 or more people together then you can enjoy a fun session working closely on teamwork and team bonding, integrating strength, balance, movement, endurance and speed. All this without losing the attention and motivation you receive, when working one to one.

POA – individual prices and block bookings available dependant on numbers.