30 minute massage = £30
60 minute massage = £35

sports massage

All massage and further treatments are carried out following a free consultation and assessment.

Massages and treatments can take place in the comfort of your own home or at Matchpoint Lifeline gym in Hurst Green Surrey, RH8 9BQ

Sports massage involves techniques to help increase the healing ability of the body. Techniques involved are neuromuscular, trigger point, soft tissue and mobilisation. All of these combined for the areas of the body that are affected can help improve joint mobility, muscle flexibility and healing ability of muscles. Not a “beauty” massage by nature, a sports massage will focus strictly on affected joints and/or muscles helping the body to regain function.

Sports massage is also perfect if you are planning an event or regularly compete. Be it pre or post, a massage can warm the muscles up thus making them more pro active as your about to compete, thus reducing the risk of injury. Following an event, massage immediately can start that all important healing process. When you compete muscles will become damaged, tired and lactic acid can build up within certain muscles, thus slowing down the circulation which can hinder the delivery of vital oxygen and red blood bringing important nutrients. A post event massage can also help to stretch out muscles at the same time, again further reducing risk of injury.

Whether you are a keen sports man ranging from amateur all the way through to professional level, or an office worker whos main hours are spent behind a desk, a sports massage can benefit a vast array of people. Combine a massage with one of my personal training packages and you will have a strong, injury free, mobile and fully functioning body.