Ben is great to work with and training sessions are always enjoyable. He is professional and motivating. He knows how far to push you to get maximum benefit without you feeling completely worn out. Without his motivation I would not have achieved half of what I am able to do now.

Exercise routines are always varied with something new every week, some of which you can do at home. I look forward to seeing what new task will be set for me. I do not like running but with Ben's encouragement and enthusiasm I am beginning to enjoy it more. I actually want to push myself further as I do not want to let him down.

Ben is friendly, sociable and easy going. He has the ability to interact with people of all ages and training sessions are always fun with quite a lot of laughter and banter. I always feel a sense of achievement at the end.

I highly recommend Ben but am not sure I want to share him with too many others!!

Lesley Hogan

For many years I have tried different forms of exercise to get in shape. It wasn't until I came across Ben Jones' varied and imaginative repertoire that I started to see results and enjoy exercise. Bens dedication to his job and ability to work within my capabilities whilst simultaneously pushing my physical limits makes for a challenging, motivational and enjoyable workout.

Alice Broomfield

I have known Ben for the past 6 years. For the past three years he has taken the training and fitness sessions for all four men's teams at Oxted School; at the start of the season two days a week and as the season progresses once a week.

The committee have always found Mr Jones to be professional and competent in his duties and each training session a new challenge. Last season the club's Saturday 1st XI gained promotion to the Surrey Elite League and Ben worked tirelessly to ensure that the squad was at the peak of its fitness for the start of the season.
Ben continues to treat the players with the utmost respect, courtesy and consideration and manages to get the best out of each individual.

Peter King, Secretary Oxted & District FC

I have had weekly personal training sessions with Ben for just over 2 ½ years. I started because I was going on holiday and wanted to tone up areas that hadn't been exposed to daylight for a very long time!
I do plenty of CV by myself so wanted to mainly concentrate on weights and exercises that I wouldn't do otherwise. These sessions are great fun. Ben makes me work very hard – I often grumble that it's too hard, but that's just banter – there's no point in going unless you want to work.
Each week brings a new "delight" and a part of my body that I didn't know existed until two days after training. I regularly have injuries from other activities, but that doesn't deter Ben, however hard I try, he is always able to adjust the workout to accommodate my failing body.
My core stability, balance and body strength have all improved noticeably as has my ability to perform an inordinate amount of squats (something I was unable to do when I started). I look forward enormously to the sessions and whilst it is a serious workout we have a lot of laughter.
Ben combines professionalism with fun and results.

Jacky Taylor

Due to my profession I have always had to maintain and better an elite level of fitness and strength. So when I re signed for Oxted and district fc I was curious about the training methods of the club….that is until I came across Ben Jones and his methods and sessions he takes. Hard work, challenging and professional are but a few of the words I can use to describe his sessions.
I have since sought Bens advice and time on many areas for my re introduction into professional football. My core strength, explosive power and hamstring strength and flexibility has been crucial for me to continue playing(pending unseen injuries).
I would highly recommend Ben as a trainer, individually or within a group environment as he has been able to cater for my needs and always introduces new techniques and ideas for me to improve my performance. All this is done within a challenging environment with a great deal of laughter and banter to keep me feeling motivated.

Ian Pearce

Ben is very innovative and makes all aspects of training enjoyable. His approach is very professional whilst still being very personable. He is not phased by my disability and has motivated me achieve more than I thought possible.

Linda Turner

I have been training with Ben for 18 months with a personal goal of improving my overall fitness and muscle tone. He has a natural ability to motivate and ensures each session is different so the time really does fly past. I am really pleased with my progress and after years of training now feel that my body and fitness is in the best condition possible.

Vanessa Young

Ben is an excellent personal trainer, who is thoroughly professional and trustworthy. He offers a wealth of experience, unique ideas and clever advice on how to achieve and maintain the ideal body shape. His training plans were always varied and interesting, and he certainly helped to deliver the results I wanted. Cheap at half the price. Top class.''

Alex Hornall, Sales Director, JimPouch Ltd. www.jimpouch.com